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وب سایت رسمی انجمن صنفی کارفرمایی شرکتهای توزیع نیروی برق
( Monday,11 December , 2017 ) ۱۳۹۶ دوشنبه ۲۰ آذر

صفحه مورد نظر وجود ندارد انجمن صنفی شرکتهای توزیع نیروی برق

Based on the effect of important factors on power cost and the necessity of subsidy reform plan and the evaluation of its effects on economy of Iran, subsidy reform more taken into attention. The present study aimed to analyze the effect of subsidy reform plan on transmission sector in Iran power industry during 2009 to 2011. ...



Reza Askari , Sara Rafa't


 As most of the activities of an economic unit are associated to financial aspect, taking correct

decisions require achieving the information with fmancial and accounting nature (Harasani,

2001 ). In the current world, energy is the main issue and the economic and politic structure of the

countries depends upon achieving energy, consumption and its price. Power is one of the energy

types due to its special features are taken into attention more than other types of energy. As power

generation is competitive than most of renewable energy types compared to fossil fuels and it has

economic justification (Kazemi et al., 2005). As power industry is costly, private sectors have

some challenges to enter to this field (Chen, 2005; Salimian eta!., 2012; Mehregan eta!., 2012),

and also the fact that fuel share of generation and delivery cost of electric energy in thermal power

plants is about 60% of total expenses in life of power plant (AsadiMehmandoosti, 2009). The

effect of the increase of fuel delivered to power plant on power generation costs is computable

easily but the effect of subsidy removal on production capital inputs and energy conversion sector

is nqt easily computable and it requires using economic methods (Sharif Yazdi, 2007). We

shouldn't forget that by having information about the consuming power, energy amount, the

combination of power users and load curve, the development degree of any country is determined.

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